Social Media Identity Management

Social Media Branding designed for successful online businesses.

As with any branding efforts, social media branding requires dedicated attention to ensure that a client’s image is properly maintained throughout its online campaigns. Today, people are bombarded by businesses and advertisements. In this fast paced world of e-commerce, potential customers receive notifications from local, national and international companies providing exactly the same products and services that your business offers. Needless to say, the playing field for businesses has grown exponentially. As a result, the monologues utilized in previous marketing efforts, where businesses presented products and services in a one-sided conversation in an effort to drive sales, have become nearly obsolete. Businesses today must establish their brands virally in order to achieve the all important customer recognition and recall factors that weigh so heavily in buying decisions. The advent of social media has created a new means engaging customers and developing a loyal following. In an effort to circumvent the negative impact of such a large ocean of competition, businesses have moved towards giving customers more liberty to participate in their daily operations.

AO Design’s dedicated team of graphic designers and social media strategists work closely with our clients to bring their brand to life on the Internet and social media platforms. Our experienced designs work to establish a look and feel that mimics hard copy marketing materials, all while complying with the requirements for an effective online branding strategy. In addition to basic logo placements, our team creates an aesthetically pleasing and consistent design that can be utilized for all social media branding efforts. Contact AO Design today to discuss your social media branding needs.

Social Media Strategic Planning, Training & Implementation

Social Media Strategists are dedicated to helping you grow your social media campaigns.

A social media strategist can shorten the learning curve when a business is trying to capitalize on their social media efforts. With so many different types of social media available, it can be difficult for businesses to determine which ones to use. There are six main categories being used by businesses today: blogs and microblogs (i.e. – Twitter), social networks (i.e. Facebook) six different types of social media: collaborative projects (e.g., Wikipedia), blogs and microblogs (e.g., Twitter), content communities (e.g., YouTube), social networking sites (e.g., Facebook), virtual game worlds (e.g., World of Warcraft), and virtual social worlds (e.g. Second Life). To a business, entering into the social media world can be daunting, especially if they lack the expertise and time to utilize these marketing tools effectively. That is where a social media strategist can help.

A social media strategist works with a business to understand their needs and determine the best options for the business. They also assist in developing a strategic plan for the business to utilize its social media outlets effectively and efficiently based on its goals. AO Design has a dedicated team of social media strategists to assist your business in developing and implementing effective strategies. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Social Media Tools & Widgets

Manage Social Media Channels More Effectively with Social Media Widgets

Managing your social media channels can be a challenging task without many of the time-saving social media widgets that have been developed. These widgets (aka: tools) can save you time and money all while making your social media experience more valuable to your clients and your business. In today’s fast-paced world of commerce, time is money. The more effectively we manage our time, the better our chances of being successful. That is why social media widgets are so valuable to a business’ online marketing efforts. These time-saving devices make posting and sharing information about upcoming events, sales and products a breeze. In no time at all, your clients will be made aware of your most important information and be ready to act on that information. Not only that, they will have the added advantage of sharing that information with their friends, family and co-works with the click of a button. What better way to build your business, then by people sharing your information with their friends.

Word-of-mouth has been the preferred method for building brand loyalty for years. This form of brand building has been extremely effective for businesses, because people are more likely to buy something that has been recommended to them by someone they trust. The advent of social media and social media widgets increases the effectiveness of the “word of mouth” advertising because people can share information with the multitudes with the click of a button.

But how do you find and install these priceless tools? That’s where AO Design can help. Our team of social media experts can assist you in developing your arsenal of social media widgets. They will also place these tools on your website and social media channels to ensure that your clients, employees and the general public can easily subscribe and share your information with their friends. Contact us today to learn how social media widgets can help grow your business.